Artist Paint Brush Carrier

When I started painting, I only had few brushes that I would throw in a ziplock bag for Art class. As my collection grew, I found it was very inconvenient. Then I graduated to a netted product bag. It kind served the purpose until I bought some expensive brushes that I needed to “take care of” properly. So that’s the inspiration for making this brush carrier. Of course I could have run out and bought one, but when you have a sewing machine and the materials to make one like that, it’s a crime to buy. I don’t have the patience to follow instructions nor do I have it in me to make a pattern before hand. So I took my fabric and started cutting which ever way I thought it would work. Before we go on to the instructions, here are some pictures. This would give you an idea of how it is done.

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Carrot Walnut Cake – Single Serve

Happy Valentine’s Day. Here is an awesome recipe for Carrot Walnut Cake. The difference is that it is just single serve. Meaning you can have your cake and eat it too! Without any guilt. Of course, since it is Valentine’s Day, it means you need to share it with the one you love! The recipe is easy too. Enjoy!


The recipe was from this site. I modified the ingredients to fit the ones in my pantry.

I used wheat flour instead. Baking soda instead of baking powder. Buttermilk (freshly churned from plain non fat yogurt) Honey instead of vanilla essence. I also added crushed up walnuts in the cake rather than in the frosting.

I also baked my cake for 35 mins at 350 instead of 18 mins mentioned in the recipe. That is because of my oven. You should start with 18 mins and then increase until a toothpick comes out clean.

Just heat it in the microwave before serving. I feel its tastier that way.

No Cook Quick Fix Dessert – With Strawberries

Oh Boy! I have gone in to hibernation, what’s with the Polar Vortex in the North East.. Not really, but I had somethings to focus on.

So here is a recipe to break that routine. It takes 30 seconds and is ridiculously simple.


In a pretty glass, put down some strawberries and blueberries. Top it with only, I mean, only Muller Greek Style Low Fat Yogurt. Nothing else comes close! Do not add in the Corner just yet.

Then top it with more strawberries. Now top it with the corner sauce. Put a strawberry on the rim and there you have it. Your guests will be blown away!

On to Martha’s Vineyard

T’was such a beautiful drive

On the road to the cape

Hearing the songs of birds flying by

Lost in the beauty of the world


There a far on the ocean

A Magnificent bridge hangs by

As we drove up the steel mountain

Sight to behold, underneath


In the season of fall

The dance of the leaves mesmerize

Sadly I can only think

Are they running away from me?


Oh! There! hoots the horn of the ship

That could have sailed the mighty seas

But here it is, sitting gently

To ferry us 3 miles out to sea


As we landed, the world changed

From chains of shops to mom and pops

Then came a sigh of content

Wish I could, right here, live

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