Sometimes I wish I could upturn the ocean

To see what is beneath the calm rough sea

Then again I think I don’t want to go deep

To meet the secrets those lie hidden below

Now that you are going west, I bundle up

Not that I want to pour out to you and I don’t

Why open a useless box that you just can’t close

Keep the lid down, with the storm encased

Old beauty fades away, new pain surfaces

Funny how the pain keeps on adding

Let it not be my monologue, I pretend

Wanting to keep my mouth shut for reasons

Fish hooks are tantalizingly dangerous,

You were just the worm, lifes’ the line

Wonder who is on the other end, pulling,

Wish I could bribe him to let the worm go

In here, this emptiness that’s reassuring that

Everything will be alright, yet its emptiness talking you know

Irony of life, something that is not there

Will set your moods on a right swing

Listen I might keep going on, and on

On this endless conversation that is,

Lifes’ like that, is the endless truth derived

For I understood “Life is; Like that”