Cumin Coriander Cardamon - Spices of my  Life

Cumin Coriander Cardamon - Spices of my Life

You might wonder about the name of the blog Cumin Coriander Cardamom. The reason for it is not only the fact that, that was the only exotic Blog name available, but there is another reason behind it.

Cumin, has an earthly flavor about it, reminding me to be down earth and infuse my skill in bringing out the creativity in whatever I do.

Coriander, has a spicy kick to it, reminding me to add a zing to my life and be upbeat.

Cardamom, possesses a sweet aroma, reminding me of the sweeter things in life, teaching me to not rush through my life, but savor it.

So there you go, the spices of my life.

I wish to use this blog as a window to express my creativity in doing the things that make me happy.

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