When I started painting, I only had few brushes that I would throw in a ziplock bag for Art class. As my collection grew, I found it was very inconvenient. Then I graduated to a netted product bag. It kind served the purpose until I bought some expensive brushes that I needed to “take care of” properly. So that’s the inspiration for making this brush carrier. Of course I could have run out and bought one, but when you have a sewing machine and the materials to make one like that, it’s a crime to buy. I don’t have the patience to follow instructions nor do I have it in me to make a pattern before hand. So I took my fabric and started cutting which ever way I thought it would work. Before we go on to the instructions, here are some pictures. This would give you an idea of how it is done.


Note : I do not have patterns and I just went with the flow with this one. So this is just vague set of instructions. Modify according to your judgement.

  • I think I had two half yard fabric, with different but complimentary patterns, for this project and some left over piping
  • Take one quarter from fabric 1, fold over half its width and iron them. This would be your front pockets
  • The half yard from fabric 2 would make for the back.
  • From remaining of fabric 1, cut a 3 inch strip that would form the extension patch for the back fabric. With the extension in the back, the cover should fold over the brushes fully
  • Cut the back pattern just above the half way mark to attach extension
  • Now attach the front to the back with the ends sticking out
  • Measure 2 inches from the right and draw lines on the front pattern to make the pockets
  • Stitch twice along the lines to make the pockets
  • Finish the edges with piping remaining from fabric 1 (the front panel)
  • Take some piping and attach to the right side of the back panel only. If you fold the piping over, you cannot tie it around the carrier
  • Now you are done. I hope you have at least a vision of how it was done.