Two cousins met on a field
One wary of the other
He wore the pants out and
He wore them tucked in

He played with a bat so round
That He sneered at silliness of the situation
Then he played with a bat so flat that
He laughed at their childishness

He chucked the ball so hard but
He just couldn't, against the rules
He just ran with it whilest
He threw it and ran

He knows to spit on it when
He just rubs them down
No stumps between him and squatter
But He got them three

The home run doesn't involve homes
But the sixers include six
The teams rotate often but here
They do just once

Finally a catch is a catch
A foul ball or no ball is just that
A pitch on one they play or
A pitcher on mound in one

He scores and He scores to win
Or He bowls and He pitches
In a game of bats and balls
Both of them win in the end