Recently, I noticed that, the more I follow blogs, the more I am inspired to be creative. I have recently started following craft blogs and in that this bi-fold wallet looked very impressive. So I sat down and started making it. I love to stitch. My favorite pastime as a kid was to sit at the sewing machine making bags and dresses for dolls. As I grew older, I even stitched dresses for myself. But when I started to work I lost the time and lost touch with sewing. Now that I am forcing myself to be creative, I am getting back fond memories of sewing all day. This purse is inspired from this website. This tutorial is so easy to follow. The biggest problem with my sewing capabilities is that I can never cut and stitch to the exact size. As a result, I made the purse bigger than it should be.  Hence the cards are sliding out. Turns out I didn’t have enough patience to read the instructions. If you follow the instructions word by word, it turns out perfect (I did make a second one, but it isn’t pretty too. Maybe third time could be a charm?) . Enjoy!