This post has been in drafts way too long. Hence without further ado, here is a very small product review. Canned Tomatoes by Tuttorosso. The team at Tuttorosso contacted me about a contest promotion they had. This was back in November ‘12. But then I was away for an extended period, so I couldn’t participate. When I did become available, I inquired with them to see if I could do something, and they offered to send me a gift basket of Canned Tomatoes, just like that!! This was my first gift basket that I received since I started writing this blog 3 years go! When I finally received the basket, I was like a kid on Christmas. Inside the box were three beautiful canned tomatoes, a cup sleeve, oven mitts, recipe cards and measuring cards. I thought the way they had packed the box was itself very beautiful. The best part was, of course, was the canned tomatoes. Tuttorosso product line is owned by the company Red Gold, a family company, since 1929. The moment I opened the box, my instinct was to immediately do something Italian, but then, I thought these would be better in a soup. Hence I tried my Tomato Basil Soup with the “peeled plum shaped tomatoes”. I would say that these are, by far, the best canned tomatoes I have used. There was no discernible taste between this soup and the one made with fresh tomatoes. On the whole, I am really satisfied with the product. These are available in all major grocery stores. So next time, pick up a can of Tuttorosso, and try it. Better yet, try it and leave a comment on my blog. Enjoy!


psst : I really, really loved the oven mitt, so much so that I use them daily to handle my stainless steel pans