I was once a king, of the dreary jungle

I would trot along the forbidden path

Destiny was my middle name

Fear I had not known, I the king

Upon the river bank came this tiny bird

Whose beak was smaller than my nail!

In it I saw this little twig wedged,

To build its own castles in air

All year long I watched the bird

Carrying twigs, worms and what not,

I had long forgotten my aim in the jungle

To sit here and relearn the wasted

It flew all over my land, bringing

Treasures and food unto it humble nest

I felt myself growing very small

Never did the bird say die

As I watched and watched the spectacle

The bird grew in my mind

Its quest seemed bigger than my life

The purpose larger than eternity, even still

Its knows, one day all this won’t remain,

Yet it didn’t stop the castles in air,

I got up after this magnanimous vision

I was once a king, now only a man

The light in me awakening,

I would still trot along the forbidden path

Now I know what I must do.