I had vowed that I would, one day, stitch cushion covers to my cushions that has been, bare naked on my sofa for, oh so many years. Now the time has cometh!!! I went to “That &1.99 Fabric Store” to get me some fabric. Seriously, the store is called that. I am not making it up. Every yard is $1.99. That’s a steal. Plus if you shop in the clearance section, you can come away with 2 to 3 yards for $1.99. That’s just plain wrong, if you don’t seize the opportunity. My Mom also embroidered two covers for my cushion which had been sleeping in my cupboard. So, this weekend, I embarked on the cushion saga.

I just had four cushions, but I had material for 6. So I got some stuffin’s from the same store. $1.99 per bag of sponge. I also got a white fabric off the clearance section to make the two extra cushions.

For the rest of the four, I found mix and match fabric, bright yellow and orange. It looks good, I must say and brightens up, my rather dull looking sofa. So glad I finished it all in one weekend. Enjoy!


Close up of my Mom’s Embroidery. Its so beautiful!!! Thanks Mom!