***********************************************For the 15th time I was listening to “I want to spend my lifetime loving you…” theme song from Mask of Zorro. It was awesome! I couldn’t explain the feelings that it created in my heart. Just then Rahul popped out of nowhere into my cubicle. “Hey dude, listen to this!” I said, putting the head phone on his head. His eyes brightened, a smile danced on his lips. It was clearly visible that he was enjoying as much as I was. Suddenly he kneeled down and sang “I wanna spend my life time loving you…” on top of his voice. The entire floor stood up to watch this spectacle. “Dumbo don’t embarrass me. Shut up and get up” I said. He was still kneeling and in all earnest was singing the song, full throat. I momentarily forgot about all the people and said “Tell me you are joking! Are you not? Tell me dumbo…” He just smiled. The floor under me suddenly caved. I felt as if I was floating in air. My cubicle mate just then shouted “He is asking you to marry him stupid girl! Just say yes!” I was speechless. We didn’t take our eyes of each other. Then I just lowered my eyes once, looked at him and lowered it again. Not even air moved. The smile on rahul’s face slowly turned in to a grin. The whole floor burst out clapping and whistling… The last thing I remember when I was walking down the corridor was Marc Anthony singing
“I want to spend my lifetime loving youIf that is all in life I ever doI will want nothing else to see me throughIf I can spend my lifetime loving you “
Rahul was kneeling down having the page from her diary in front of her grave.”
Mrs. Rahul
1983 – 2073″
“Dad lets go!” said Rahul Jr. touching his father. Only then he realized that, that was the last time Rahul ever kneeled for anybody.