You would have obviously wondered about life at some point of time in your …Life.. Well.. I have too. Let me not turn this in to an autobiography. It’s just that I am really frustrated with it and awed by it. I perceive life as a human with its own emotion and mind that constantly fights with us, in a duel. Yes you heard me right.. a duel, the kind of sport, where people fight with swords?? Get the picture? Well.. We are constantly in some fight of the other and you know what? There is no end to this fight. Ofcourse, the only end, is death, but lets not get in to those morbid details now. Its all about the duel. There is nothing fair about this fight. Life often fights back in various forms, perceiving every advantage it has. We on the other hand have one sword, body, mind and heart. That’s it. Ofcourse, Life plays cruel tricks on us, like vanishing in to thin air, sometimes substituting our sword with a blunt one or taking draconian shapes and form to scare the bejesus out of us. One moment, life stops fighting and holds up the truce flag. That’s when you think you have won the fight and take a nap. The joke is on you, because that is when it comes up with ever cruel plan of cutting your throat when you sleep. Most people are built for handling this kind of pressure. But some can’t face the music and surrender. Me? Well.. I am fighting still fighting.. Life gives me blow after blow shaking the daylights out of me, but I bounce back. At least I know I will.. The duel continues, until death. The funny thing here is when life is dead, you are dead. So is the fight! So you fight life, not kill it. In the end, it doesn’t matter who wins, all that matters, is that you survived!!