There wasn’t anything I could do. I put on my trench coat. Rain had left huge puddles on the road and the neon lights were making weird patterns on the road.

“Hey girl! Fun??” he asked. I felt like kicking him. I shrugged my shoulders and started walking away fast. Damn these coats. I hate them. It feels so cold and damp inside.

“The usual…” I said as I sat down on the bar stool. There was the usual crowd of bone heads, slumped unceremoniously over tables.

“Add that to my account.. I am off. Not my night”, I said as I walked out of Steve’s joint. I walked up and down aimlessly. I didn’t want to be doing this at all. I suddenly wondered about my aim in life.

“What is the higher purpose for me?” I wondered, not finding an answer

“Hmm, booze is getting to head….. oooo” I said out loud, as I averted a direct hit on the telephone pole.

I stood there motionless, staring at the pole.

“Something should turn up right about now… how about that lord”, I shouted on the top of my voice.

“Wow, I love that light…” I stood there watching the light coming closer.



<A distant siren sounds in the background>