Full circle by Yamini Vijendran, a dear friend and wonderful author, is a romance novella that is set in multiple periods. The book churns out a variety of emotions for you to sample. On one hand, we get a glimpse of a perfect, loving family who are so attached to each other, and on the other hand, we also see a different kind of family that is the exact opposite. The story spans 60 years and Yamini has brought out the perfect emotion in every age. In the beginning the story builds up a suspense for us, and then starts to slowly unravel in the later chapters. I especially loved the spot on narration of early lives of a typical Brahmin family. The Novella is strong because of its strong characters and once you finish it, you would feel completely refreshed. In short, full circle is definitely a rollercoaster ride that leaves you wanting to read it all over again.

*Picture courtesy Indireads