Raj, Rahul, Rachit and me were waiting outside the emergency room. Raman had just been admitted to the hospital with severe head injuries. Raman met with an accident when traveling from his work. A tanker had lost control and rammed him from the side. The bike he was riding wobbled and then wheeled to the left when he was thrown out. His head had hit the pavement and the bike had come crashing on him. From the last dialed number on his cell phone, people on the road had called Rahul. He in turn had called all of us. We are a close knit gang; some related by college, and some by work. I was the only girl in the gang. I must tell you that you need special skills to survive in an all guys group and tolerate their nonsense. Then again, these are the best friends of mine on earth whom I could trust with my eyes closed. Nobody was crying. Everybody was in a state of shock. It was only the day before that we were chatting about all stupid things under the sun at our usual hangout, not CCD but local chai shop near the main road. I couldn’t stand the mounting silence. I quietly slipped out and went to offer bribe to Mr.God. I promised him a thousand things to bring back my Raman alive and kicking. As I entered the hospital, one look on rahul’s face told me that something happened. He came and hugged me. One tear drop from his eyes trickled on my neck. Raman passed away. “Hello mister… are you listening.. I just talked to you right? Can’t you do such a small favour for me?”… My mind was screaming at HIM for his inactiveness. All the life in me just drained out. I suddenly found out that I couldn’t cry. The Silence was maddening.
I came home and switched on my PC. My mind was singing the last song Raman was strumming on his guitar at his place. I had promised him a collection of my favorite songs for his birthday. We had planned to play a fantastic trick on the gang. We needed to have that “little talk” about his love interest. He should have been alive. I could feel his presence all over me. A new post in Blogger.com was blank in my screen. My mind was still playing back all the scenes I had with Raman.
Hi Raman,
How is it up there? Good?? Wish you were here dude. I have that CD you asked me. You know what?? She really loves you man. She told me today. Silly girl she is. Well… I know you are alive. I know now that you can help me with everything since you have got “special powers”. I love you dude. Miss you. I will talk to you tomorrow.

I was smiling. Raman is not dead. He is alive. He will be for as long as I live…