So what is the much hype about a new year, a new beginning blah blah blah? It’s just another day, another year of your life gone without a trace of coming back. It was 11.30PM and my phone was incessantly ringing with Happy New year messages!! Thank God for the Jammed networks, otherwise I would have thrown my mobile in to the gutter. I was getting frustrated by the whole melee created by this crossing over. Why is the world rejoicing? For an old year gone by? All moments lost by a new year. I was awake till 11.45 not because I wanted to see the ringing of the year, but because of my insomnia. My mobile beeped off again. I switched it off… put it in my cupboard, locked it and threw the key under my pillow. As it was nearing 11.50, I drifted off in to a trance. Just as I was about to get some shut eye, my family woke up, shouted happy New Year and started a party with music and cake. I know they won’t bother me, ‘cos they know I hate new years. These mindless people are celebrating as if the worst is over and that, come Jan 1st everything will be good. It’s just another day. Why can’t these people understand that? People will be people! They will never understand. It’s happening since time immemorial. I finally understood that it’s not New Year they are celebrating, but just another chance to freak out in the name of something, forget all the stupid things they did, and come up with a good excuse to do it again!!
Cos it’s a whole NEW YEAR.