Mind your…Er…. what????
Front Seat :
“You keep the phone down na”
“No you first”
“No no no… you only”
“What re I cant keep it… how can I hang up on YOU?”
“Ok 1 2 3 …”
“You also didn’t keep it na…..” ( Giggling…)

Next Seat:
“He is soo bossy da … Keeps on irritating me”
“How can I help it? He is my PL na?”
“I was on the verge of cryin..”(Sniff Sniff)
“No sorry, I am going to Escalate…”
“Let me see”
“Oh he?? Thats quite another creature… Poor you”

Window seat:
“Mom I can take of myself…”(Loudly…)
“Ok now stop that will you…”
“You think I am a kid??…..”(Angrily)
“No ma I cant do that”
“Hello, you there??? Stupid phone connection”

Back Seat:
“So you have boy friend han”(sadly)
“Oh really that’s good news”
“This is your phone number right?”
“Just in case you miss the bus I can give you a lift that’s why”(Sheepishly)
“You can call me jhonny, that how close friends call me”(He he he)
“What else… your voice is so sweet on the phone”
“How about coffee at 6.00 pm Café Coffee day isphani center?”
“That no problem I have a bike you know…”

“Oh brother, Enough!!!! Guys.. get a grip… Do I need to listen to all your personal crap??
Cant you just switch off your DAMN cell phones so that I can travel peacefully in the cab??”
(Sigh………….Thinking to myself!!)

From backseat again:
“Excuse me a sec”(in to the phone)
“Driver could you switch off the radio, its disturbing me….”