It is almost 8.00 PM. I am in my cubicle coding furiously to notice that it is raining outside. Just then there is a power glitch and the lights go out. I get up from my seat saving the enormous code I have written and walk up to the window. Suddenly I feel a sharp jab in my chest. I am sweating profusely. I try to open my mouth and shout for help but nothing comes out. My eyes close in on me and I am blacking out. I then feel very light. I am able to get up now, but I feel as light as a feather. My body lies on the ground near the cabin but am floating. I move outside through the window. I can sense that the rain is falling but I couldn’t feel it. Then I see myself transformed in to a small girl with an umbrella. Now I can feel the cold rain washing my body! I can sense that I am getting wet. A shiver runs up my spine. There is somebody in the distance calling out to me. I see an outstretched hand. Suddenly I am back in the building. I press my hand against the window still seeing the little girl. Then I pass out again. Moments late,r which was like eons, a voice said “Are you alright??” I get up feeling a little woozy. I couldn’t comprehend what is happening to me, though everything is still fresh in my memory. Then I see that a little girl is playing with her umbrella outside in the rain. In the window I notice a palm print. The strangest thing is that I have a circular scar on my palm, even that is visible in the print. Here I am narrating this experience! is there anyone out there to believe me??