“I was walking through the field. Black field! Not dark but black as if someone had wantedly painted everything black. The grass, the sand, the rain… everything was black. I felt as if I don’t have any sense of colours. I looked down and saw that I was also black in colour. Where ever I saw, I could see only black images, even the distant mountains and the clouds. It was as if I was transported to devil’s dark side. I started walking. The black grass grew around me… it grew taller with each step I took. The mountains also seemed to grow. I felt as if I am going to diminish to a peck. Then I saw it, the white flash of lightening. I felt thrilled. The first different shade since in came in to this strange land. The white lightening struck again and again, lightening up the black skies. Time stood still. The grass stopped growing. The black clouds were clearing…….”
“Congrats rahul! You now have new of pair of eyes. The operation has been a success. You just need to take rest for two days, and then you will be able to see the world for the very first time!!”