“Why has it been a long time since you wrote?” asked Rahul. With one leg crossed over another and leaning over the cubicle wall, hands over the wall, free to do whatever they want. Typical Rahul stance, when he wants to have a deep conversation.

“‘cuse me?” I said, looking up at him. He has this wavy black hair that always bounces in a rhythmic way. He was not the most handsome of persons I knew, but still, there was a real captivating beauty in his eyes.

“I, asked you” He said looking in to my eyes, “Why has it been a long time since you wrote? Was that a toughie, dear?”

“Well…” I let out a sigh, “hmmm, I seem to be having some sort of creative block, which needs a spark. Nothing ever interesting happens around me that inspires me to write.

“Bull, I don’t buy that reason from you. When was the last time you stood up from that stupid chair you have been sitting for the last 4 hours, 30 mins, 24 seconds?” he said as if he had stood there with a stop watch in his hand.

“Oh no you don’t, I am not playing the game. I have got lots of work to do now, so buzz off and ponder your thoughts some where else”

“Come on you big monotonous dodo, lets go for a smoke. Let me explain to you how to sift through normality to find real diamonds of inspiration” he said. There was a bright twinkle in his eye.

“I don’t smoke.” I continued the furious typing which had been interrupted earlier by this question. He looked at me for a fraction of a second.

“Yeah yeah, you never do all the blessed things on earth. Just come” he said doing a windows + L and practically dragging me out.

“There, is a guy talking on the phone. What do you make of him” he asked me. I was lost in my own coding world, which was rather rudely shut off by his enthusiasm.

“Huh, I see that he is talking to someone!!!???” I said with a tinge of irritation.

“Ofcourse he is talking to someone, you only see what you want to see. I see that he is conspiring to throw this computer world in to a tizzy but releasing a dangerous virus using the company’s system by the night.” He said, as a matter of fact.

“What? How? Who! Huh???” I stopped dead on my track and looked at him. Then realization dawned on my face. “Whatever!” I walked off to one of the benches under the tree.

“Come on! Play along…” Lighting a match to his ciggy. I watched his deft fingers holding the cigarette lithely as he puffed away. I wondered why his lips weren’t black like others from smoking.

“Alright, after coding for hours for a virus, he is now talking to a bidder to sell off his creation. That’s why he is talking.”

“Great, Go ahead”, he said, leaning on the tree, crossed legged.

“And when he goes inside, he would do a round of testing, and released it in a small IM server to see if it does its work. As he prepares for, he accidently sends the virus to his Client’s server, where it downs tons and tons of production data.”

“and… and..” I started to rant on and on. He stood there listening to my story and watching me speak. His eyes dart to between my eyes to study the excitement in my face.

“Ok! Time out. I got to go and work. There you go. A good story. Start writing and send me the first draft. Lets go!” he said.

“Wha… hey come back. I haven’t finished it yet. There is this great twist in the story…” I shouted, as I ran after him.

“Yes I know that this will turn out to be an 18 part series with all known and unknown twists and turns and that you have enough creativity to keep the audience spell bound. I knew you would see through it and get an inspiration. That’s what I told you. You only see what you want to see.” He gave me his golden smile with a twinkle in his eyes.

I smiled which eventually turned in to a foolish grin.