Starship Wanderer

“Man overboard, I repeat, Man Overboard “, the sailor shouted in to the phone. Alarm sounded all over the ship. The captain shouted “Man overboard, Cut off all engines, I repeat, Cut off all engines..”.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Sir, Unknown ship entering the zone. Do I warn them?”
“They would know what they are doing I hope. I want this to be a calm night. Identify the ship and let them know, just in case”
“Aye, Aye Sir!”
In to the mike..
“This is Fort Lauderdale, Please identify yourself “
“Roger that Fort Lauderdale, This is Starship wanderer. Passenger cruise. 100 people onboard”
“Roger, Starship. You are now entering … “

Unknown Air force base, Peurto rico

“Usted ve esa nave?” (Do you see that ship?)
“esperanza de i ellos sé sí lo que él está haciendo.” (Yes I do. I hope they know what they are doing)

Starship Wanderer

“Where did he go? “, the captain was frantically shouting looking down at the rough sea.
“Sir, I don’t know, he was here. We threw him a lifebuoy. We have sent two people down the life boat.”

The lights went off. The entire ship blacked out. Screams were heard all over the ship.

“What the hell is happening ?? ” The captain wore a shocking face.

All of a sudden the ship started to move. The captain saw a huge swirl right in front of him. The ship inched towards the swirl.

“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” the captain shouted in to the phone that was no longer working.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Sir, The starship wanderer is off the radar sir. I am scared that they got caught in the zone. “

“Nonsense Lt, these things happen all the time. These big party ships shut off for moonlight candle light dinners. Don’t jump the gun sunny”

“Mayda……………………….. Ma………………..Day”..

Both of them exchange glances.

“Starship are you there?.. Starship, This is Fort Lauderdale are you there…. “

PS: for those who haven’t figured it out, its about a ship near the bermuda triangle..