I was sitting in Besant Nagar beach at 8.30 PM in the night with the waves Crashing at my feet. Date 14th Feb. The beach was full of couples… One industrious lad saw this as an opportunity to boost his “Channa” trade.. He came up to me and said “Akka* will you buy channa?”, “No ma, you can go”. “If only you had not come alone…” He said smiling at me and went off. Somebody was trying to tell me something? He then went to a couple. “Akka please buy channa from me? Valentines day special akka… made lovingly with my own hands”. I could see that Guy was getting irritated, intruding in to his private moment. The girl was smiling. “Anna* you have come to the lovely beach with lovely lady (smiling)… what’s more special than eating Channa with cool breeze all over? Please buy anna only 2 Rs”. I couldn’t suppress my smile. It was Creativity at its best. The girl blushed, the guy smiled… Two rupees changed hands. I called him. “Can you give me channa? I will buy for four rupees. But there is one condition…” “Sure… what do you want akka?”. “Just sit with me for 10 mins and talk, will you?” I said. The next ten minutes of pure innocent talk about his trade and his life left me speechless. Taking all the difficulties that life is dishing out to him and still going from couple to couple (Strictly couples because its difficult to persuade other people.. His trade secret it seems… He swore me to secrecy! J) selling Channa for 2 Rs with a smiling face, life according to him, can’t be anymore happier.

*Akka – Sister
*Anna – Brother