Get me a steel knife, the one that is razor sharp,
I need to murder my ego, the one that flies very high.

Dark forces surround me, looming like thick spider web;
Rays of good hope don’t fall, for I have blocked it with my hands.

I scream my head out, day in day out, doesn’t make any sense,
No sound comes out, for my inner voice is dead for long.

Jumping in to a big circle I ran and ran straight,
Searching for the elusive corner, what a fool I have been.

Greater struggle was won over by my greatest fear,
Strangely I know not any fear or anything that it conquered.

Images of a delusional mind don’t follow a path to glory,
I don’t know if I am delusional or if I am glorified

Sadly the point of my steel knife was to kill my ego,
Disillusioned that I am, I don’t know if I need a knife…..