It was the first time I came in to contact with the little green window, innocently showing the contacts online. I was thrilled! It was the first time since I came to this company, that I have been introduced to this software. All the while being in secured network I have been living like a saint. Now with my status showing online, I caught many an attention of my online friends and started chatting right away. I forgot my new project, my team mates, and my mails. It was an awesome experience. I could chat, send and receive files actually control the other person’s desktop. Gradually MSN became the greatest part of my life. The games played by changing status, later on graduated to playing with changing the notes in the new Microsoft Communicator. There wasn’t a second in my project life without the Messenger, be it birthdays, casual hellos, big ugly fights, after fight patch ups, latest movie updates, project updates, party timings, meeting venues, you name it was there on MSN. The greatest use to the messenger was that 5 of my friends, in 3 different DCs would be chatting as if we were hanging out together. Everything revolved around Microsoft’s Invention. It was around this time that destiny decided to play a cruel trick on me. My PL told me “Hey congrats, you are getting moved to a new project!” I was happy, a big chance to prove myself in a new environment. As I decided to spread this good news to my “Online Buddies” (note: – mails moved in to oblivion except for those hapless souls in secured network!?).Only then it struck me to ask about my new account. My PL just smiled and said “Secured Network”. That was it, the big blow to my eventful project life. Nothing he said after that about my new project went in to my head. It was already reeling and accessing the damage. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. The D-Day came when I had to bid Adieu to my life on MSN. I blew a final kiss to my electronic companion and moved out with a tear strained face. As for my life in secured network!you could always guess!
A hapless soul!!