There has been some new additions to be garden.

First off, my sunflower has bloomed! Yay! I waited patiently for it to grow from seeds, to baby plant to full grown plant and to a flowering plant. I “noticed” a curious thing about sunflowers. They do follow the sun!! I mean, I knew it from biology classes and everything, but it was a pleasant revelation to “discover” it. In the mornings, the flowers face the sun, at noon, they are upright and in the evening they point west! I think someday, I should shoot a time lapse video of its doing.


The next is a huge dinner plate sized Hibiscus. I have never seen such a huge flower in my life before I moved to New England. I had been wanting to get one for a long time and I finally found a nursery near my place that sold it. So here is the treat for your eyes. Enjoy!