“Akka, how will blue colour be?” asked my 10 yr old sister. Due to some genetic problem, she was born blind. Even then, she is the apple of all our eyes. Dad and mom always favour her. I don’t mind it. In fact, I adore her. She is the most pampered kid of all. I was surprised at her question. I didn’t know what to say. “Why do you ask Sweetie?”, I asked her, not knowing how to explain ‘blue colour’. “No, akka, those people were saying in POGO”. It was her favourite channel, though she never could see it. She loved hearing the voices and could pinpoint every character. I thought deeply. I took her hand and opened the fridge door. “This is how blue is! it’s cool” I said. She seems to understand. A big smile came on her face. “Akka akka akka, what is red colour?” She was obviously excited about the prospect of learning colours. I brought a lit candle and held her hand close to it. “Ouch!” she said, feeling the heat. “This is red colour.” I was proud that I could teach my kid sister all these. She wasn’t about to give up. “Akka, green colour, akka?” she went on eagerly. I thought for a while. Then I went outside and got the small money plant pot. I let her fingers touch the plant and said, “This is green colour, sweetie pie.” She became more enthusiastic. Never in her 10 yrs of childhood, have I seen such a smile, such happiness in her face! “Akka, what is yellow?” She kept on going. Now I was really stumped. I could not let my sister down. I had to show her yellow colour. Then I remembered. I went in to the kitchen and brought turmeric power. I let her smell it and touch it. She understood what I was trying to explain. Suddenly, she stopped smiling. She looked at my face, and asked with all innocence “Akka, how do I look?” I was stunned. Words refused to come out of my mouth. Tears started down my cheek. “Sweety you look just like this”. So saying I brought her hands to my face. With all sincerity, she explored my face. My eyes, ears, nose. She then touched hers and suddenly she brightened up. “Akka, I do look like you, don’t I?? I know it. I do, I do, I do” She planted a kiss and ran off to Mom. My kid sister!