Red Bean Sprouts Salad

Red Bean Sprouts Salad

If you can really put some effort in to sprouting the beans (Imagine all the prep work described below), rest assured that you will have a nutritious ingredient with which you can plan the meals for the entire week.  Given below is one quick snack. Enjoy!


  • Red Chori Beans / Azuki Beans – 1 Cup
  • Onion – Chopped fine – 1/4 Cup
  • Tomatoes – Chopped fine – 1/4 Cup
  • Green pepper – Chopped fine – hand full
  • Salt  – to taste
  • Crushed Pepper  – to taste
  • Juice of one Lime

Putting it together

  • Soak the Red Chori beans overnight in a bowl of water. The next day drain the water and tie the beans in a Cheese cloth and hang it in hot place. If you have nothing to hang of, take a tall stock pot, put a long laddle / Wooden spoon through the cheese cloth bundle and put the laddle over the mouth of the stock pot (Yes, the lenght of the laddle should be bigger than the mouth of the stock pot)  Take care so that the bundle does not touch the bottom of the stock pot. Keep bundle wet. It take another 12 hours for the beans to sprout. Once the beans are sprouted, put them in an air tight container and store it in fridge. This will last atleast a week.
  • Heat a skillet and put down some oil. Add the Red Chori beans and onion and saute just until both are little tender (not more than 5 min). This will take away the smell of raw onion and cook the sprouts slightly. You can skip this step if you like
  • In a bowl combine the sprouted beans and rest of ingredients and serve chilled.
  • For serving with Rice Pilaf / Biryani add a little yogurt and make it in to a raita
  • You could also add any herb like Mint / Cilantro to bring freshness to the plate

Update :

Sending My Recipe to Priya’s Let’s Sprout Event.