Oh! They were called sitting ducks

All they did was quack, quack

Maybe insane melody was getting to their head

It just wasn’t right, it was way off


They were all thirsty for blood

Gory was a part of their routine

God knows how many heads they chopped

People cried, the ducks were back


Only a duck knew, the anger behind

The seething agony that they failed to see

The ones who couldn’t stand the pungent emotions,

Tried to dig their grave for others to see


In the myriad of illusions that surrounded

The ducks quacked until they were parched

“Serve them boiling water” they said to attack

“Yes, it’s better than everything”, the ducks


Listening to the song of the coyote

The ducks made their way out,

Burgeoning reputation they put on the floor,

For the others to just trample on


“Oh yes we will be back,

You better save your souls,

We might just sit and quack, while

Making sure that’s the last thing you hear.”