It happened in the third year of my college. We were at a personality development workshop. The whole class was divided in to 8 groups. Each group was to discuss among ourselves and then prepare a speech for five minutes. It was to dispense the fear of stage fright. My group consisted of the three most unruly girls ? and a meek looking guy. I was wondering, where this guy was for the past 3 years. I never knew a guy existed, until he was put in my group. There we sat discussing what each would be talking about and the guy never opened his mouth. I sat down after the speech with a roaring applause! naturally I thought! Then the guy from my group came. He went on to the stage and that was that. He could barely get any words out of his mouth. He was struggling, nothing went right. Finally at the end of one minute, the guy ran like the wind out of the room. Everybody was laughing. I felt sorry for him. I thought it was my mistake that he hadn’t talked well, since he was in my group and I had to help him out. The anchor announced that there would be a second round of presentation, and the person who shows the greatest improvement would get a chocolate. I decided one way or other I am going to make that guy get it. During lunch break, I pulled my very surprised group mate from the hallway. I should probably tell you about his state of mind, finding a big burly girl next to him but!never mind. Anyways, we spent the next half an hour, going through his presentation and the mistakes he made. I should say, he was a very intelligent guy, but very shy. Yeah we skipped lunch, but it was worth it I must say.
The second round of presentation went off with a blast, with my group mate also performing excellently. Everybody was astounded at his turn around. I was a proud peacock!! ? The anchor announced the winner. It was my guy of course. With the whole class cheering him, he went to the podium. The anchor asked him “What made you improve so much from the first time to the second time?? He didn’t bat an eyelid. “That girl there helped me to achieve this” he said, pointing to me. I was spellbound. Everyone stood up and started clapping. I didn’t know what to do. I was shaking all through. The guy just walked royally, amidst the cheering and applause, came to me, gave me the chocolate, and said one word which I will never forget in my entire life! “Thanks”!