The silence among us was deafening even amidst the uproar of a bustling coffee house. “What makes a man kill another man??” asked Sujatha, the philosopher.

All of a sudden the tremors occur. These sustain from a minute to hours. I feel as if a storm is raging inside my brain as if my head would explode. The sensation besieges me.

“Maybe the adrenaline rush” suggested Mani. “Rush, my foot. You go to a theme park for adrenaline rush. Not kill somebody “Sujatha’s voice boomed; s little loudly.

Sometimes the tremors are so bad that my hands and legs start to shake. I feel like my eyes will fall out of the socket. I see everything in dim colours.

“Some people are depressed maniacs. Nobody can help them. Some say it’s because of depression. Then again I can’t agree that people kill just because their brain was assembled wrongly” quipped Lizzy, throwing a faraway glance at the fifth table. “I think they like to see people die” Sujatha again. She started rotating a straw in her hand.

My hands close on anything that is near by. It starts to shake violently. My thoughts get clouded. The temperature of my body goes down. Eerily one part of my brain remains relatively calm during all this. The mood builds up. That’s when it happens

“You know it’s just that. They love to see people die. Yeah.. They love to see people die………..” The silence was deafening.

The knife was on the table. We had just finished the birthday cake. I closed my eyes. My body was convulsing. My hand closed on the knife.

“Dude.. You ok. You don’t seem very well? Hello… anybody home.. Dude…??”

Before I could react to the distant voice my hand with the knife flew. Sujatha was sitting right next to me. The knife punctured her heart. She looked at me with those what-have-you-done eyes. I was no longer me. The silence was deafening. My brain cleared. Blood was oozing out. Then came, a scream…. I vaguely remember a calm feeling in my head. I heard Sujatha’s voice saying “What makes a man kill another man??”. I blacked out.