“If you think carefully, I am fully aware of the deep sense of foreboding that something bad is going to happen” , I tell myself over and over again. I clutch the steering harder than ever. “Exit 53 1 mile” the sign loomed large in front of me. Not that I noticed it, going at 70 mph. A Toyoto RAV4 just passed me , leaving my Acura shaking. I glance down and realized that I have dropped to 50 mph during my revere. I pressed down on the accelerator, why I hate to put the car on cruise control is beyond me. I join the sea of red lights that was zooming past me. Just then the entire herd slowed down. Cursing the audi who braked in front of me, I slide on to the lane on my right and zoom past. The butterfly in my stomach has not died down just yet. Why am I feeling like this? I wonder, zooming past a large sign “Food Exit Mc Donalds Dennys Subway”. I wonder if I should stop and take a bite before I get going again.


Red and blue lights swarm around. I quickly sit up in my seat Stiff. I lick my lips and glance back through my back window. Indeed , the cruiser at my back was blaring the siren and had its lights switched on. I slowed down considerably and hold my breath hoping the cruiser would drive past me. The lights were blinding and the sound incessant.

I pull over to my right on to the shoulder, roll down my window and put both of my hands on the steering wheel, and hope for a miracle.

There is this small voice inside my mind that snickers and says “I warned you!!”