Well.. i did write my MS exam. It was horrible than a blood bath..

Well its like this..You know you are all grown up when it is..

-> no more writing pages after pages of your life history..

->no more writing the question again in the answer paper.

->No more mugging up “important” answers from the book and feel happy if you get the same..

->no more question like

“explain this in detail (12 marks)”

“List 10 points on this (10 marks)”

“Explain with block diagram (12 marks)”

Where did i go wrong??? (boohoohooo … i am sobbing!! )

Four subjects..

Datawarehousing – My god.. there is only on concept written for 245 pages.. I should truly believe the guy who wrote is a genius. Its a wonder how he turned a 10 line subject in to a looooooong story.. i fell asleep reading the introduction at 11.30 in the night.. yes i didnt wake up..

exam time – Yeah i wrote something of this and that i read in between my sporadic sleep and got the hell out of the exam hall in 45 minutes.

Network programming – here is a brilliant subject with every practical use. Program networks and sockets in C on Unix systems. Simple.. Yeah right.. go jump.. i know C’s hello world program and until 4 days before i was like unix???? what????

exam time – I looked over the paper and was relieved that i wasnt asked to write any program. It was amazing considering the fact that i had to read from two virtually two HUGE pillows. Final question was “write a program/pseudo code”. Thank god for small blessings.. i wrote
2.open socket
3. write data
4. close socket
5. stop

Object oriented analysis and design – It had 16 chapters (front and back!!! I guess only F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans will understand this joke!! ) of theory.. oh boy oh boy.. hmm considering that i bought this book spending 425 rs, i had to read.. i “browsed” it successfully… (not bad re! you are getting better by the day)

exam time – I thought i was taking engineering drawing all over again.. what???? 5 diagrams quesiton and 1 teeny tiny theory question… sigh.. ok.. i was confident.. it should not be that difficult for me the artist!! (ok now dont blow your horn will ya??)

Internetworking tech – ok.. how difficult is internet gonna be.. come on.. i browse everyday.. the only problem is the syllabus was thinking on the lines on multimedia communications.. and blah blah blah.. full book..(yeah i bought that too).. the page nos to read were like 1, 13,45-67, 78,79(3/4 page) and so on.. so like a smart kid i took out a notepad(yes.. the ones with paper which you write with pen??) and took NOTES!! my god.. i did that the last time ………??!! ??!!??!!??!! …..well er… yea.. ahh forget it..

exam time – what is a protocol??? “huh”… i have never been flabbergasted by the question paper in my 4 years of my BE study… horrible.. 15 marks out of syllabus (i hear ppl telling me.. you are PG student! Nothing is out of syllabus..) well you know who had the last laugh?? the ppl who didnt even know what book was in the syllabus..

well that was the end of my glorious 1st semester.. so much for my enthusiam… Next exam… Open book compre.. i am thinking.. what heck.. i still have two months time..

PS : If you

1 . laughed reading this and nodded along a couple of time.. ha!! caught you.. send me a mail on your experiences..

2. Didnt understand a single word but still liked it.. yes send me a mail

3. Didnt understand and didnt like it?? sorry buster.. you are working way too hard

4. read only this PS… i suggest you close this window, cause you are not reading a Novel!!