Visit the Bertha Mansion –

Bertha Mansion was as much haunted as you can imagine. There had been numerous stories revolving around it that you would wonder, if you would want to even walk past it. Abby wasn’t afraid of anything. He was a treasure seeker. He worked for the department of Art and Archeology, Princeton University. He had learnt that a valuable black diamond, the family heirloom of the Bertha clan was hidden in the secret chambers of the mansion. For months together, Abby poured over the documents of the house, trying to figure the pathways, rooms, corridors, closets and possible hidden entrances to the heirloom. On a fine September Sunday afternoon abby entered the haunted mansion in search of his treasure. He had marked five places in the plan of the house where there was the possibility of hidden treasure. It seemed as though lady luck was favoring him full time. Abby, upon entering the master bedroom, headed straight for the walk-in closet. The closet was empty, save for a few empty cartons. Abby started cleaning it out when he struck pay dirt. As he lifted a box, the floor board under him, came a little bit loose, revealing a hole. He ripped the floor board apart and was staring at a small black box. Save for his torch light, there was not even a bit of light in the closet. He opened the box and a small paper scroll fell. He opened the scroll and inside it was written.

He then examined the black box. As he continued to dust it, he hit a button and the box opened at the bottom to reveal a black shiny object. As he showed his torch on it, the black object gleamed in light. Abby was ecstatic. He never imagined he would get the treasure he came to seek, so easily. Just about that time, the torch went out. He thrust the scroll and the object in to the box and turned around, as the closet door was closing on him. Panicking he pushed the door with all his might, but couldn’t succeed. Suddenly his hands started burning and he dropped the box. Last thing he could remember was a sharp pain in his neck and all went black.
It was four days later, that Sheriff John Mc.Knell, found the highly decomposing body of Prof. Abraham Sinclair in supine position in the master bedroom. Autopsy reports showed that, Abby was bitten by a poisonous black widow spider. The Doctors argued that, the bite of a black widow however poisonous was not enough to kill a human. The death of Prof. Sinclair was a mystery and the story was passed on for generations. After that incident nobody dared to go near the Bertha Mansion. Even now this brilliant piece of architecture stands magnificently amidst peaceful surroundings, presenting itself as a curious piece of study for any stranger who dared to study about it.