Sitting on the stair

With a cube in her hand

A touch of green and a splash of blue

Looking in to, deep inside

Finding an answer to many a cry

“Lookie there” says the passerby

“Nice sphere you got there girl”

“But this aint round” she cried

He didn’t listen, for he didn’t stop.

He didn’t stop; for he ran far

The blue changed to pink

Shape grotesque not a cube

It was all dark inside, She

Could neither see nor fathom

But she still saw it as cube blue.

The constant rub of her hand

Made the change; still many

Who passed by had a pat on it

Was is her shape or was it others’s

Clue wasn’t there. Everybody

Had a simple part to play

She still maintains her story

That’s the way she tells

We might never know

For we can never compare,

Ours with hers, it’s different, as for her

She still saw it as cube blue.