“Pritam, can I see you in the conference room for sometime??” Rahul my Project manager asked me. “Sure Rahul, give me a minute” I said, wondering what could be so important. There was an involuntary shudder. I always thought going to the conference was getting bad news. I locked my comp and proceeded to the conference room with a notepad and pen.

“You have been doing some amazing work I heard” said Rahul as I sat down. Now I was pleasantly surprised.

“Well…, Thank you, Rahul.” I stammered.

“I also heard that you are staying late these days?? I should add here that I know you are under tremendous pressure. But that doesn’t justify anything”

I gave a what-do-I-do stare.

“You should plan your work and leave on time. I know that you live with your family. Don’t you think you should be spending more time with them than your computer??” he asked.

“Yes, I think so… But the…” I started…

“No buts..You are planning and leaving early from now on, Pritam. This is for your own good. Ok?? Keep up the good work.” Rahul stood up after saying this.

I mentally noted that I should leave at 8.20 that day.

A week later, Rahul passed by my cubicle and said “Good, you are leaving early these days… great” and gave a thumbs up sign.

Friday evening as I started to leave, a mail popped up.

“Congratulations SPOT award winners…”

I eagerly opened to see if there was my name in the list. Sadly there wasn’t. As I was about to close the mail, a sentence caught my attention

“Jim – ABC project

He totally deserves this spot award for his dedication and hardwork he has shown in this project. ………




Also the effort he put in after office hours is greatly appreciated..”

The time was 8.15 pm. I opened my DART and started a task “AB357434 – Coding PCD”… and continued in to the night.