Picking up a paper to write;
Of Ghosts and hocus pocus,
Of scary monsters with two ugly heads,
Of blood sucking vampires,

Maybe a thing of two of love,
Of couples apart and near,
Of children loving and hating parents,
Of feelings, emotions and attraction

Case files of a murder mystery,
Of crooks, robbers and conmen;
Of conniving double crossers,
Of silhouetted silent killers,

Reels of real life incidents,
Of coffees, meetings and breakfast woes,
Of war with computers,
Of trips down memory lanes

Abstract form of arty literature,
Of pensive moods and sober,
Of stark joyous cloudy thoughts,
Of meaningful insights of the mind,

Penned down a mixture of all,
Of all things said above,
Of putting it in words or letters
Of all about writing an article.