“Mom is the dinner ready?! I came in asking. I was so tired after working 14 hrs straight in office. The bus ride had left me completely shaken. “Oh God! My back!! I groaned. My dad came around and started rubbing my back. It felt so good. By this time mom had already set the table. I hardly had enough strength to go. Mom was asking a thousand questions about my day and all. I kept mum all through my dinner. All my energy had drained already off. After dinner I just plopped on the bed. Mom came in ½ hr after me. She was looking at me with those “my poor baby! eyes. I closed my eyes, exhaustion overtook sleep and I wasn’t about to get any. I forced my self to dream of something, nothing! “How was your day??!, “Looks like you are very tired?! “Lots of work in office?! Mom was talking to me. I didn’t hear half the things she said. “Mom I am very tired. Let’s talk tomorrow ok??!. “Ok sweetie?.. “. She was silent for a sec. “You know what happened today?..!. She started off. “Mom Please!! I shouted. That was all? A few minutes later I was asleep. I didn’t know when, mom fell asleep. I got up around 2 pm because of the mosquitoes. My throat was so parched that I went and had a sip of water. Just as I was about to sleep I noticed something in the faint glow of the night lamp. My mom’s face had a trickle of tear drop. I immediately understood. It pained my heart to see that my mom had cried because of me. I just wanted to wake her, hold her and tell her that I am sorry for all I had done. I couldn’t sleep after that. First thing in the morning, when my mom woke up, I gave her the biggest kiss of my life. She was pleasantly surprised. “What happened to you? “She asked me, gently smiling. “Am Sorry mom, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that yesterday night. Something had gotten in to me. Please forgive me will ya?! I pleaded? I didn’t even have the courage to look at her. “You dumbo, I forgot that yesterday night itself. I know how tired you were. I just didn’t realize that. Don’t worry about silly things and get ready for office.! She ruffled my hair and went off. I couldn’t move. I was awed by the affection and love she showered on me. I had failed to notice it before and had taken it for granted. It was a costly lesson, the cost? one drop of my mom’s and many of mine.