Morning when I get up, I spend exactly two minutes, to catch up on my “extra” sleep before my mom shouts at me. That’s heaven.

I wake up, give a warm hug, two minutes, my mom sends me off to get ready for office. That’s heaven

A quick hi to dad and get in to daily chores. Amidst the cacophony of morning business, I spend two minutes, cutting any veggies, gossiping with mom. Heaven

After a bath, run to office, a quick flying kiss to parents and off I go. Heaven

In the bus stand, I spend two minutes, smiling at known faces. Catch up a word, before the bus comes. Heaven

Come to office , a smile and a good morning at the security inspector. Heaven

One fave song in radio half heard on the way to building. Heaven

Enter cubicle, warm wishes to project mates. Two minutes heaven

Another two minutes reading to junk mail from closest friends. Stupid conversations. Heaven

Taking break from busy work. Lying back in the chair staring at the ceiling thinking of nothing. Heaven

Lunch. Two minutes spent scolding friends to come to lunch table on time. Heaven

Back to work, two minutes that I get pulling my project mates leg. Heaven

Two minutes spent on more stupid mails.. Heavenly

Two minutes spent on the way back to bus, listening to fave song. Heaven

Two minutes spent looking outside the window, admiring nature on the way home. Heaven

Enter home, quick wave to all.. two minutes.. heaven

Family dinner, two minutes spent on describing a “bad” day gone by. Heaven

Two minutes, spent haggling over the remote with father, settling down to watch a soap.. Heaven

Two minutes, quick good night kisses, back to bed. Heaven

Two minutes, last minute stupid smses from friends.. Bringing a smile – Priceless!