Ok what do I want to say through this post??? Actually nothing!
Have you ever imagined how people around you exactly manage to put that “oh so Ridiculous” Rhetorical questions?? It gets me on my nerves when I hear those…
Give below are those infamous questions and not so give-able answers.

****During lunch in the FC****
“Did you come to eat lunch??”
‘Duh!!! I came to sing Opera at exactly 12.00pm!’

****While reviewing your code****
“How could someone write such a stupid logic?”
‘It is possible, if someone reviewing is just as stupid’

****Again in FC at 4.30 PM****
“Hey, how come I always see you in the FC?”
‘You dumb wit, if you come to my Cubicle, you find me there also ALWAYS’,

****Project Mails****
“PFA the document you need to review. Take your own time to analyse it properly. It’s important.
Can you finish it in another 2 hours?”
‘Do I have a choice buster??’

****At home****
“Good that you have come home early today. So how many days are you gonna keep this up, han?”
‘Probably never if you continue questioning me like this….’

****Your neighbour gets in to you car and says****
“Could you please drop me on your way to office?”
‘Now that you have got in, can you pay for my petrol??’

****Someone seeing you with a cigarette****
“Oh! You do smoke. Don’t you??”
‘Oh, I don’t… It’s just that I learnt this really cool trick where I can make this grayish air appear with my mouth’

And the number one dumbest question comes from your own wife/husband!!!

“Do you love me?”