Here is my second labour of love. Oil on Canvas. I thought this would be an easy painting and I could be happy just painting without any inhibitions. Oh boy was it wrong. The first couple of layers went smooth. But just when I was finishing the painting all sorts of things went wrong. I could not get the lines on the cutting board to go straight!! Plus the trick is to not blend it in so that the grains show it, but I could do that either. Then the vegetables were all flat and not realistic. So I had to find ways to “round” them. Next the shadows were just an ugly black mass. I had to find a way to blend that in so its not conspicuous. You would think the easiest part would to paint the black background on the sides. I did paint it with black but it felt flat. I couldn’t understand why. Then I remembered the cardinal rule by Kathy, things are never just black in nature. So I had to blend in some colours. The moment I did that, it popped up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lesson truly learnt. I was almost ready to sign, when I realized that I didn’t really like the highlight on the tomatoes. Oh boy, it took my two classes (4 hours) to fix it. I put on paint, I took it off, put it on. I put in different colours until my eyes went cross. I was so frustrated. In the fury, I applied Cad Yellow Medium and suddenly it clicked. ahhhh.. Sigh of relief. I although I feel that I didn’t nail it, its better than what was before. So there you go, my second official painting. Started work on a landscape next. Enjoy!